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Assessing the energy use in your building

Energy is one of the most easily controlled costs in your organisation. If you managed your energy as effectively as you manage project finances, costings of up to 20% or more could be saved. This is a sizeable amount and it is not difficult to achieve. Most of it is just a different way of thinking, a change of habit, rather than capital costs for new equipment.

The Carbon Trust (UK) website provides excellent publications on how to become energy efficient. These (free) publications are used by all energy management consultancies and energy providers when assessing your energy use, providing advice, and setting up programmes. The problem is that there are a significant number of these publications, you might not know what to look for and you may not have the time to analyse them in detail. As an aspiring energy manager, I need to know these inside out, which at this point I don’t. By becoming familiar with these myself I hope to be able to offer the correct publications and advice to you. This should (hopefully) boost my employment prospects!

The first publication that we will look at is entitled ‘Assessing the energy use in your building’ and it is an energy saving factsheet. To get your hands on this directly from the Carbon Trust, all you have to do is signup to the Carbon Trust site and then click here.

In this publication we are looking at where energy is wasted in your building. I think it is most appropriate for an office building, we will look at industrial and others at a later date. Furthermore, we will break this down into two energy wasting areas; firstly energy losses by occupant behaviour and secondly energy losses by the building fabric and equipment. These posts to follow.