My backgound

Originally a Civil & Environmental Engineer, I left the profession to become involved in Sustainable Energy. I studied an MSc in Sustainable Energy and spent 6 months researching in the area of nanotechnology for use in hydrogen storage. I’m currently on the look out for a job so I thought I’d keep myself busy by writing this blog and hopefully give direction to those looking for it whilst doing so.

About this blog

I think that it has become clear that the threat of climate change has not had a significant affect on most peoples lives, or more importantly their way of life. I hope to come from a different angle; energy efficiency. Efficiency in effect is waste reduction and is evident under many headings, quality management to name one. By being energy efficient you save money, and not just pennies, you can save a fortune. In many cases its not that difficult, a simple change of habit is enough.

I hope to illustrate methods to increase our energy efficiency and hence reduce our wastage and in turn help negate climate change.


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